for the Losi Micro Rock Crawler

The most advanced chassis to date for the
Losi Micro Rock Crawler

The TMC by Blade at may very well be the most advanced chassis to date for the Losi Micro Rock Crawler. There is nothing else like this anywhere out there.

Parts Descriptions, Options, and Assembly Info

The Blade TMC chassis is cut from Delrin (one of the toughest plastics out there) to give you a system that is both tough and looks good too. The twin vertical plate chassis is a scaled down version of a full sized crawler tuber chassis and even has an off-set cab with roll bars. The stock cross members from your original MRC chassis is needed to complete the build. Stock links or custom extended links can be used to alter and set  your wheelbase. The TMC also gives you somthing no other chassis kit on the market can even come close to....multiple suspension link, transmission, and shock mounting options.
Lets run this down real quick, for upper link mounting there are four holes front and rear. For shock height each shock mount has two sets of holes and can be mounted inverted to give you a total of four different height settings. Shock angles are set by mounting the shock mount in one of three (both front and rear) slots in the chassis plate. The the transmission can also be mounted in one of three positions along the bottom of the chassis enableing the user to adjust weight bias forward or aft.  WOW!

The chassis plates are held together at the transmission plate, the front and rear cross members, and at the two shock mounts, all by screws. The cab is four pieces that are basically a "snap-together" assembly that is held together and in place by the tension between the two chassis plates screwed together,
and the mounting slots in the chassis plates.
At first glance I thought this was a bit odd for a crawler chassis and I was skeptical that it would stay together.
After I got it all assembled I was pretty impressed with how sturdy it actually was! The off-set cab is also cut and mounted in such a way that it adds to the 3-D effect of the chassis. Other tuber chassis kits use just the two plates with very straight cut angles, and the effect is boxy and a bit unrealistic....but the TMC is rounded and the cab adds even more really is an awesome looking chassis.

So far we have a great looking 3-D chassis with a multitude on suspension mounting options, but does it crawl?
Read On....we are just getting warmed up here.

More assembly info is available here>>>>>CLICK ME

Dog's TMC Extreme Testing Set-Up

This is a chassis with lots of options, my set-up as listed below is not the only way to go. With this many options EVERYONE should be able to find the sweet set-up for the surface they crawl on.

Stock shock bodies with semi-droop cut springs  <<OR>> HR Air Shocks, cut internal soft springs

Medium slot in chassis plate both front and rear, mounts flipped down and shock tops mounted in upper holes in front and lower holes in back

Mini-T Cups and Rods, extended to 5 inch wheelbase (drive lines also extended) , bent lower links front and rear


"Mirrored" in middle chassis position
BB2 Motor with 53T Spur, medium pinion gear


De-cased and shrink wrapped, mounted inside the cab (easy to reach the bind button in this location)


1S2P 1200mah 3.7V LiPo battery mounted to the rear deck with 3M Duo-Lock strips


Stock Losi tires and wheels with internal lead weights, external BWD wheel weights, and internal lead shot
Tire weight  front 48g each, rear 35g each
 <<OR>> RC4WD steel wheels with Urethane Boggers (cut tread) at 40g F/R


HR Rear Lock Outs

(pictures and videos may also show other optional wheels, tires, batteries, shocks, and parts)


Now lets get down to the real nitty gritty....does this thing work or is it all hype?
How does it compare to the other chassis on the market?

First, and again, this chassis has a multitude of suspension link and shock mounting options....with this many options it is going to be possible for EVERYONE to find a sweet set-up that will work for them.
Being cut from Delrin the chassis is amazingly tough (Delrin is one of the strongest plastics out there) Oh and this chassis looks killer, it is really the most attractive of all the chassis kits out there, you end up with a crawler that is a scaled down version of the real thing.
I have had a chance to run several battery packs through this little crawler on the "Abusement Park" course and am quite impressed with the performance. It was able to handle every obstacle on the course with ease. Articulation is very good and smooth up to about  2 1/4 inches (or 60mm) which is a huge help on some of the extreme test ledges I crawled this chassis over. On our extreme hill climb, the chassis with my set-up easily did 50 degrees for a distance of 6ft (asphalt shingle surface, slicker than cardboard)

Is it "Better" than the other chassis kits? I have found "Better" to be a relative term...each chassis I have tested all can be made to articulate, and to tackle the obstacles on my course. Each chassis has it's own strengths and weaknesses and really depends on the kind of terrain you are crawling on, if you want a body or tuber frame crawler, and the depth of your wallet to decide which is right for you. The TMC offers the crawler enthusiast a chassis with unlimited adjustments, good looks, and great performance but you are restricted to running it without a body. Some really like this look, some will not....I have not tried it yet but I am pretty sure the cab can be removed and body posts installed for those who do want all the adjustments and a body too.

Final Thoughts and Notes

#1 Tire weight is a must, as with every micro chassis tested, this one reacts better with weight

#2 Glue the cab joints, they can pop loose during a hard fall off the rocks

#3 This is an ADVANCED chassis, meaning it has all the adjustments you could hope also means that you need certain soldering skills, wheel weight knowledge, and set-up skills to complete this kit and make it work.
The New guy who just bought his first Micro and wants to try this chassis should email or PM either Blade or myself if they get stuck or need help with the set up of this chassis, we'll be more than happy to help!
If you feel you have the skills then go for it....this chassis rocks!

#4 As you read in my set-up, I used a 1S LiPo for the testing and I do feel this is a great low power chassis....larger 2S battery users may experience some fitment problems....make sure you think everything through and test the suspension movement with the battery you choose to use.

#5 This chassis will get a full TWO THUMBS UP rating from the Dog, I like it enough that will will become my favorite Micro crawler and this chassis will stay installed on my best truck for quite some time.

RC4WD Steel Bead Lock Wheels
For the Losi Micro Rock Crawler

One thing everyone has wanted since these little crawlers first hit the market is a set of actual working Bead Lock wheels. So everyone was excited when RC4WD offered up the new steel bead lock wheel sets.
  • Each wheel weight: 14g/0.49oz
  • Wheel width: 14.2mm/0.55inch
  • Pin mount
  • Fit Losi micro crawler or RC4WD micro tires
  • Backspacing 2.6mm/0.1inch
  • Wheel width 14.2mm/0.55inch
  • Black powder coated
  • Negative Offset 4.85mm/0.19inch
  • Custom made micro screws

  • This is going to be perfect! Steel wheels with actual lug nuts, and super hot scale looks!
    What could possibly go wrong?

    I ordered up my set and waited for the mailman to bring me my package, when it arrived I was like a kid at Christmas and tore into the package....woohoo!

    I had a fresh set of stock Losi tires all set and waiting and started in on the assembly of the wheel set.....but almost instantly ran into a huge problem.
    It seems the internal bead lock ring is about 2mm too small to engage the bead of the stock tire resulting in the tire always puffing out of one side of the wheel when the lugs are tightened. I tried it with the foam inserts in and out of the tire....I tried everything I could think of but to no avail. These things just will not work with the stock Losi tires. So at this point I am very dissapointed in the product,
    but I already have them (and am $35 in the hole) so I WILL make them work!

    I decided that gluing them was the only way they would work. Ditching the aluminum bead lock ring made it easier to add a ring of pencil lead and lead shot to the inside of the tire/wheel.
      I started by gluing in the outside half of the wheel to the outer tire bead, turn over and place ring of lead and back half of wheel with two screws, pull rear bead out and fill the tire with lead shot, gather the rear tire bead towards the center and add C/A to rear wheel lip, release the tire to pop into place...nicely glued and proper foam-less weighted tire/wheel at 45g front and 35g rears
    Now to add insult to injury...I went to install the wheels on my crawler and found that the lig nut pattern is so tight that you can not install the axle nut! WTF!
    I went to my box of parts and pieces and found a set of old alloy Mini-Z axle nuts (same size but taller and alloy) with these I was able to get a few threads on, enough to hold them....but what a pain!

    So now to my rating on these.....I am sorry guys but these are simply NOT worth it.
    The Dog HAS to give them TWO THUMBS DOWN
    They get this rating due to two major factors....
    One, they cost a bunch!
    Two...they do not fit, they do not work.

    One redeeming factor may be that without the bead lock ring these wheels do work well with the Urethane cast tires so popular with the scale builders (thats if you can manage to get them mounted on the truck)