BWD Vertex Micro Bead Lock Wheels
for the Losi Micro Rock Crawler

Billet Aluminum Crawler Bead Lock Wheels

We waited months for these to become available, but the wait was worth it....These are a true three piece aluminum bead lock rims that works the way they are supposed to!
Don at Billet Works Design has always provided quality crawler parts and his Micro parts are no exception. These Vertex rims are top notch quality and fit.They secure the tire without glue via the two screw on rock plates, one on the front, one on the back. These rings and the design of the inner wheel make mounting the tires very easy and they stay secure. These wheels mount up the stock Losi tires or the RC4WD tires with no problems at all.
These wheels are extremely easy to mount tires to, they fit like a glove. Each wheel/tire combo weighs in at 20G, compared to the stock wheel/tire at 11G and will mount to the axle WITHOUT the hex adapter, these wheels are PIN mount.
Don is also currently working on a set of wheels weights for these rims....but if you can't wait then a cut down spent .17 HMR rifle cartridge full of solder will fit snuggly in each of the wheels holes, or you can still elect to add lead shot inside the tire.
The wheels measure about .350" wide (plus .06 per rock ring) and puts your track width at 3-5/8"

I just love it when something looks this good and works too!!! I LOVE these wheels. much easier to mount than the RC4WD steel wheels.
Rated Two Thumbs up from the DOG!

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RC4WD Micro Rock Crawler Tire Review

Finally some optional tires!

RC4WD Rock Crushers (shown) and ROK LOX

RC4WD Rock Crusher Micro Crawling Tires
Well the wait is finally over, RC4WD has released the Micro Rock Crusher tire for the Micro Rock Crawler....and the Micro Rox Lox is following soon.
The Rock Crushers feel quite stiff straight out of the package, but upon examination I found that the feeling comes from the number of and shape of the lugs in the tires face. This tire has a "compressed" tread with multiple edged lugs and side biters. This should be a good tire with lots of traction....especially on the ledges, flat slab rock, and sharp edges that make up the majority of my test track.
Now I selected to run this test with the new Vertex Wheels I just received, and will run them on a DP Torsion chassis to get a stock wheelbase length. I want the stock wheelbase because that is what most guys are still running, and stock is so much more challenging on the test track.
The tires mounted right up on the Vertex wheels, no problems. I did ditch the foam inserts and added some small lead shot to the inside of each tire for additional weight. I added 10g to each rear and 25g to each front.

So we charged up some batts and started testing. I was almost instantly impressed by the tires bite....they are very good on the types of rock I run on. They not only have good forward bite but the side traction was also very very good (see the video and the ledge crossings). I am sure it won't be long until we see guys custom cutting that tread (removing alternating lugs or rows of lugs) to get even more traction on different surfaces and rock types. And unlike the stock tires....the wear on these yet to be seen, but after several battery packs they show zero signs of wear or tread feathering (common in the stock tires after just a couple of runs). So these should last considerably longer than the stock tires. Did I mention that they looked good too! Killer !
I am very happy with these and believe they are an investment worth the $$$. These are good tires for either the Comp type driver or the scaler guys, they perform well and they look good.
Now we wait for the Rox Lox and hope they are as good or better!

DOG's Rating:
Two Thumbs up!
Good price
Good looks
Good performance


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